The Problem With The Law Of Attraction

One of the biggest topics to roll around in the self-help community is the Law Of Attraction, which although has been around for years, only gained popularity when the 2006 book “The Secret” shed light on it.

Put simply it’s said to be a universal law stating that everyone has the ability to attract things into their life simply through their thoughts and intentions. If someone is always thinking of negativity, then they’ll attract negative experiences all the time.

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If someone is always worrying about gaining weight, they’ll “attract” this and end up gaining weight. If someone is always visualizing ways to make money, then they’ll attract money.

You get the point.

To sum up the law of attraction, it would go like this:

Desire + Belief + Expectancy + Action = Manifestation.

…. Where manifestation is the the transformation of your thoughts into a physical reality that matches your desired outcomes.

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And while we strongly believe in the power of the LOA and the importance of always having a positive mindset towards manifesting wealth or achieving a certain goal, there is one major flaw.

Many books, videos and self help courses emphasize too much on this “visualization” which readers can misinterprate and take too literally.

They feel inspired but don’t act on their inspirations. They wait for things to happen, stalling indefinitely, usually because of fear. They get caught up in creating vision boards to pin up on their wall, using it as some form of crutch every time they need to be “motivated”.

But is creating vision boards all day really moving you towards your goals?

To experience the manifestation of our intentions, we need to act in complete harmony with it. We need to act as if our desires have already been manifested. If you intend to be wealthy, you need to act like you’re a wealthy person and take actions to receive it.

You don’t see Donald Trump complaining about lack of money, he feels abundant in everything he does and continues to build businesses to receive more money!

It’s easy to waste days, months or maybe even years visualizing when you’re not actually being productive in taking the steps to attaining what you want. This is the biggest mistake many individuals make. They believe that all they need to attain their desires is their intention but forget that taking Action, is a crucial part of the manifestation process.

And not just any action should be taken, but INSPIRED action – action that gets you excited, enthusiastic and energized. The kind of actions that you feel drawn to do and flow naturally from your internal energy and creativity. It doesn’t feel forced just for the sake of doing it and when you implement, you know you’re in the zone!

If you aren’t successful yet, is it because you haven’t gotten rid of those limiting beliefs, or is there nothing wrong with you other than you haven’t been doing any Inspired Actions to achieve your goal?

Changing your mindset to believe something can be possible is vital but so is taking inspired action to make it happen. The LOA shouldn’t be used as an excuse for inaction but be used as the drive to taking action towards that which you desire. Let it feed your faith, focus and expectation for a certain outcome.

Put it this way…

You have to see it in your mind’s eye as though it’s already real, and then take INSPIRED ACTION to bring it into focus for the rest of the world to see! You’re already amazing, the rest of us just haven’t caught up yet 😉

We hope that this post challenges you to check how you’re using the law of attraction on your journey to success and inspires you to stop reading this post and go make something awesome in your life.

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