December 30, 2015

New To Entrepreneurship? Start Here

Have you ever felt that working a dead end job just wasn’t fulfilling your life’s purpose?

Have you ever felt unsatisfied with having to meet someone else’s expectations? You know, being told to go eat lunch at this time or being told to wear this and not that?

Do you have big dreams to do better things in life and feel you have so much more to offer to the world?

Life is short. So why spend it being an employee and helping build someone else’s dreams, and not yours?

That’s what Control Catalysts is about.

This is a community focussed on unlocking your personal and income potential and not trading hours for money. It’s about empowering you to break the chains of being an employee and instead creating a life where you can spend your time doing what you truly love, with whoever you want, wherever you want.

That being said, becoming an entrepreneur is not suitable for everyone.

While I can assist you in starting your own business, it really takes certain characteristics to become successful. For this reason I only look to partner with people who are:

  • Hungry for knowledge, personal growth and success
  • Determined and committed to achieving their dreams
  • Patient – a successful business takes time to build
  • Serious action takers
  • Humble enough to be coachable (not just by me, but from other experts you’ll meet in the industry)

If you meet all the above criteria, then by all means, keep reading!

Your entrepreneur journey is built on an online business where you market and sell products online. An overall picture of how the business model goes like this:

  1. Invest in a licensing affiliate business
  2. Generate targeted traffic and leads through paid advertising
  3. Build your email list
  4. Establish relationships with your list by providing value
  5. Recommending products to your list that solve their problems

If you don’t understand what any of that stuff means… that’s okay, every master was once a disaster student 🙂

In getting on a free consultation call with me, I’ll be diving deeper into these 5 steps and based on your experiences and goals, tailoring a clear-cut action plan that is best suited to you. I’ll only be focusing on YOU and YOUR goals, and using my experience, only make specific recommendations based on YOUR situation.