Business Competition

The One Type Of Business That All First Time Entrepreneurs Should Start…

Are you sick of slaving away at an unfulfilling job that pays you less than you deserve? Do you have a vision of doing something that provides you with the time freedom and lifestyle you desire? Is having financial independence and full control over your future just some of your life’s biggest goals?  If so, then becoming an entrepreneur and starting[…]


19 Actionable Tips For Building A Following Of Raving Facebook Fans (Even If You’re A Nobody)

Years ago, Facebook pages could grow organically quickly because there weren’t so many competing pages fighting for people’s attention in the news feed. Today, if you want a fanbase of engaged, loyal followers you need to have a solid Facebook marketing plan and execute it well. How do we do it?  Here are 19 simple but proven[…]


Are You Making These 5 Big Blogging Mistakes?

When your readers gives you their precious time, you must give them massive value in return. And while blogging is a long-term strategy to build your brand online, make sales and get more leads, it is extremely effective when done strategically. If you’re not seeing the results you want with your blog at the moment, you could be[…]

What is a lifestyle business

The Truth To Lifestyle Businesses And 5 Reasons Why They Trump Startups

You may have read it in Tim Ferris’ 4 Hour Work week, where he coins the revolutionary concept of escaping the rat race and reconstructing a life where you work less and live more. Most think that it’s all about raking in buckets of money doing nothing but relaxing by the beach with your laptop. Truth be[…]