May 27, 2016


Our mission at Control Catalysts is to empower people by spreading knowledge of success, personal development and entrepreneurship. We help regular people make the shift to becoming lifestyle business owners by growing a digital business, allowing them to unleash their full potential and live their true passions.

Marco Reeves here, welcoming you to Control Catalysts.

I’m a 20-something year old dude from Melbourne who is on a journey to making a living online and educates others to do the same so that they too can escape the 9-5 grind, turn passion into profits and take control of their life.

Marco Reeves

All I need is an internet connection to run my online business… meaning I can travel the world, sleep with tigers and still work!

Everything here is built on what I’ve learnt from my past and current mentors who have masterminded and shared their secrets with me over the past years. Some of these guys include John Chow, Angkur Agarwal, Raymond Aaron, Terry Lamb and John Lee.

The end result is that I want to give back as much as I can.

Me with my mentor and millionaire blogger, John Chow

Learning from life management and goal setting guru, Raymond Aaron!

Learning from life management and goal setting guru, Raymond Aaron!

See, I understand that there’s a TON of information out there telling you how to build a profitable online business; how to get more leads or how to make money online etc etc. And sure, some of it’s good, but a lot of it is over-hyped, junk that won’t get you anywhere but feel overwhelmed and overloaded with information.

I can assure you though… that there’s none of that here.

You won’t get any long sales pages or hard-sell stuff from me, just case studies, advice, solutions and recommendations based on my 3 years of personal experience within the internet and network marketing space.

I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did in the past (nor spend over $30k like I did lol), I only want you to succeed. And in order for that to happen, you only need the best of information – which is what I aim to deliver.

That being said, I’m just a regular person like you. I’m no genius, just a college dropout who’s been hustling day in and day out on my home business while being a salesman.

I’m not a millionaire (yet) and you will not find anything to do with “get rich quick” here – far from it actually. On this blog you’ll only find up to date, high-quality, actionable marketing information that you actually NEED to drum up your home business starting today.

Nothing less.

I hope this blog and myself helps you create something awesome in your life.

Anyway thanks for taking the time to learn more about me. If you haven’t done so yet, connect with me on the following Social Media sites:

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See you on the internet,


Marco Reeves
– Control Catalyst





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