19 Actionable Tips For Building A Following Of Raving Facebook Fans (Even If You’re A Nobody)

Years ago, Facebook pages could grow organically quickly because there werFacebook-Tipsen’t so many competing pages fighting for people’s attention in the news feed. Today, if you want a fanbase of engaged, loyal followers you need to have a solid Facebook marketing plan and execute it well.

How do we do it? 

Here are 19 simple but proven ways to grow your Facebook audience, skyrocket your reach and get more eyeballs on YOU.

1. Have An Attractive Facebook Page

The “About” section should be filled in with as much relevant and useful information as possible including what your business is, what you offer, your contact details, link to your website/blog and professional profile plus cover photos.

If Facebook allows you (sometimes you need a certain number of fans before they offer you the choice) get a vanity URL so that new fans can search for you easily.

2. Know Your Audience

Every business has a target market, with each target market reacting and interacting differently. Research your target demographic so you can better target and provide content that will be of interest to them (and lead to more engagement and exposure). Using the Facebook Audiences insight is a great tool to dive into where your target market can be found and what interests they have.

3. Create And Post Recurring Content

Content is still king so have a consistent posting strategy and give your audience something to look forward to everyday. This is where it’s imperative to really know your audience and what content they enjoy so you can tailor your posting to them.

The more you post, the more opportunities for your fans to engage and interact with you, and when they share your content, your page name travels with it!

However don’t bombard your fans with salesy updates, keep it personal and fun for your fans and finish off with a call to action. With something as simple as a “share your thoughts in the comments below”, this gives fans a reason to comment rather than just stare your post. The more comments you receive, the more Facebook will show your post to others.

You also don’t always have to post original content of yours, you can share other people’s content too – provided it’s relevant and useful to your market. If you’re struggling to find quality content to share, check out Post Planner that does the heavy lifting for you with content curation.

4. Post QUALITY Images And Videos

According to Buffer’s latest research article, 80% of content shared by brands are links only, yet images and videos get significantly more engagement?

Pictures tell a thousand words quickly and powerfully, getting more exposure in the newsfeed. Plus they look better than plain jane text.

5. Use Facebook Live Stream

There’s no doubt about it that video marketing is here to stay and Facebook’s live stream takes it to a new level. With live stream,  you can stream live videos to your fans in an immersive and authentic way. While broadcasting, viewers can also leave comments in real-time for you so this is a great chance to hold an event like a LIVE Q&A session.


Get Facebook Live Stream here

6. Interact As Your Page

Social media is for SOCIALIZING so always take time every day to interact with fans who comment on your posts, send you messages, post comments on your wall. Build relationships with other influencers and fan page owners in your niche by liking/sharing relevant, useful posts, leaving thoughtful comments and starting conversations – you also get the added benefit of promoting your page in doing this!

Another tip: Be VERY responsive in answering fans quickly and efficiently, as Facebook does display how responsive you are on your page.

7. Reward Fans

People love to be recognized and it holds true even for your Facebook fans. Show your appreciation by showcasing them on Facebook or holding a “Fan Of The Week“.

Alternatively, encourage fans to upload photos of themselves using your product/service. For example, if you’re a personal trainer, ask followers to submit before/after weight loss photos for you to share. Kayla Itsines does a great job at this!


Makes fans feel interested, valued and they’re more likely to engage with your brand.

8. Hold Contests, Competitions And SweepstakesMabel-Label-Giveaway

Running a contest costs some money, but is a fun way to get new likes, reward loyal fans, create excitement and get users to visit your page to check if they’ve won.

Different contests can be organized depending on the nature of your audience and the kind of engagement you’re after. Luckily, there are many Facebook-approved apps with done-for-you templates to plug into straight away.

9. Give Away Freebies

Give people an incentive to follow you or stay as followers, such as discounts, coupons or ebooks. Who doesn’t love free things, right?

Offering freebies can also be done through competitions, making things even more exciting on your page!

10. Crowdsource Answers

Instead of answering questions by yourself, crowdsourcing is a way of social listening. People love to talk about themselves, so get your fans to voice their opinions and see your engagement levels boost.

For example, post a simple question to your fan or post a question submitted from a fan, asking for responses. This is a great way to literally see exactly what your audience and customers want.

Other ways to get people to engage in your post is to hold polls/quizzes or use fill-in-the-blank posts. For example, if you run a restaurant, you could post something like:

“FILL IN THE BLANK: My perfect breakfast combo is eggs, bacon with a side of ___________”

11. Add A Facebook “Like” Box To Your WebsiteWordpress

If you’ve also got a WordPress site/blog, add a Like box plugin by installing the Facebook Page Like Widget. This will make it easier for people who already have a genuine interest in you, to also follow you on Facebook without having to leave your website.

12.Add A Share Button To Your Blog

SharebarShare buttons on the side, above or below your blog posts make it easier for your readers to share your content on social media and therefore drive more traffic. Remember though, you need to post quality content that is worthy to be shared!

Consider Wordpress plugins like SharebarAddToAny and AddThis to get the job done.

13. Share Your Facebook Page On Other Social Media Platforms

If you’ve got a following on other social media platforms, there’s no harm in also promoting your Facebook page to encourage more ways for people to connect with you.

14. Be Active On Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great way to create communities and meet people with common interests. Unlike Facebook pages, posts on groups have a much better organic reach, partly because by default, people who join groups have notifications turned on by default.

People are also more active in groups so this is a signal for Facebook to show more of that content on the news feed.

A good strategy is to join groups in your niche and offering valuable content and help to others. In networking an dproviding value, you position yourself as an expert and people are more likely to notice you and your Facebook page (that’s linked to your profile).

15. Add A QR Code To Your Business CardQR Code

This is great for businesses who also market offline. Make it easy for the people you meet in person to connect with your page by creating a QR code at free sites like QRStuff and Kaywa.

16. Link Your Page To Your Personal Profile

Very simple but effective way to get more exposure to your business. For example, if your Facebook page is called “Dogs Galore”, tag it under your workplace position so that it’s “Blogger/Writer at Dogs Galore”. By tagging it (typing @ Page Name), people who hover over your page name on your personal profile can easily like the page.

17. Pay-To-Play

Facebook advertising will probably be your number one way to fast-track your Facebook audience growth. By setting up Like campaigns, you can find laser-targeted, relevant people who are most likely to want what you have to offer.

Another way to use Facebook advertising to grow your following is to boost Facebook updates so it gets seen in the newsfeed and advertise blog posts so people will visit your website.

18. Create Custom Audiences

A custom audience is a customer list made up of your existing leads, customers, fans or website visitors. This is a powerful way to get more bang for your marketing buck because you can refine your advertising and create retargeting ads directed specifically to these people.

When you create ads in front of a highly relevant audience, your conversion rates and ROI are better.

Learn more about Facebook custom audiences here

19. Analyze Everything

Analyzing everything forms the backbone to your Facebook marketing strategy.

There are many tools out there that will help you track and monitor your page performance, including which posts are most engaging, what times your fans are most likely to see your content, which interest groups most likes are coming from and which ad campaigns convert best.

Knowing these metrics is a key component to understanding how to improve your marketing.

Final Words

Building an audience of raving Facebook fans won’t happen overnight. You will need to put in some effort if you want to crush it. The key takeaway is that engagement is your secret to success.

Make sure you’re marketing in front of the RIGHT people who resonate with your message and commit to consistently providing quality, useful and relevant content. You want to build up that “know, like and trust” factor.

And don’t forget: be persistent, always over-deliver, have fun and LOVE your fans.

If you got value from this post, feel free to share it on social media and with your team… and of course, comment below with your thoughts 🙂

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